Fencing Accessories

Fencing Accessories


DT Driving Tool

This robust universal tool is designed to aid installation of 75x75mm and 100x100mm Post Spikes, to protect the shoe whilst hammering into the ground.

The Powapost® Driving Tool should always be used when installing Post Spikes.

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PC Panel Clip

A galvanised fixing used to securely attach fence panels to posts reducing the risk of nail damage to timber.

Available in 32, 38, 44, and 50mm widths. Packed 160 per carton.

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PPC Post Cap

A decorative and functional cap that protects fence or deck posts from weather damage.

Packed 10 per polybag, 100 per outer.

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ARB Arris Rail Bracket

Designed for use with feather edge fencing, this galvanised bracket secures arris rails to posts.

Available in 100, 225 and 300mm lengths. Packed 100 per carton.

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PEB/180 Post Extender Bracket

A galvanised universal post extender bracket to suit any timber sections 75mm wide and over.

Smiply nail or screw fix 2 brackets per post joint.

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GBC Gravel Board Clip

A galvanised bracket enabling secure fixing of gravel boards to fence posts.

Available 25x150, 25x200, 50x150 and 50x225mm sizes, packed 50 per carton.

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LRP Log Roll Pin

A Sturdy galvanised steel pin, designed to be driven into soil to secure log border roll. Simply insert the pin into the soil and nail or screw through the pre-punched holes into the timber.

Packed 50 per carton.

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KRB Knee Rail Bracket

For use when attaching knee rails to posts. Supplied pre-bent to allow on-site shaping to timber.

25 per pack.

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ASB Arris Rail Support Bracket (Handed)

Suitable for fixing arris rails to timber posts during new fence construction.

Fixed to the post using screws and/or coach screw/bolt.

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ZC Z Clip

A galvanised clip used tofix fence or trellis panels to timber posts. An alternative to ā€˜Uā€™ shaped clips, use 4 per side of panel.

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SEC Panel Security Bracket

Designed to secure fence panels to 4ā€ concrete posts. An economical, easy to fix bracket to help prevent unwanted removal or theft.

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MARB Mortice Arris Rail Bracket

Used to fix arris rails between concrete posts. Designed to be slotted into a mortice hole in concrete fence posts and nailed or screwed to timber arris rail.

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Hot Dipped Galvanised Barbed Wire

Packed in a handy bucket dispenser, barbed wire is used for various security fencing and barriers.

Available in 25m and 50m rolls.

  • Longer lasting hot dipped galvanised finish
  • Easily be wound out straight for fencing in livestock or keeping out animals and pests
  • Keep your home or office secure
  • 25 metre wire length
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