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Introducing our new VX and HX restraint straps

Introducing our new 2nd Manufacturing facility

BPC Building products overview 2023

BPC - Manufacturing in the UK since 1977

Installation Videos

BPC Fixings® Vertical (Light Duty) Restraint Strap

BPC Fixings® SMH Timber to Masonry Joist Hanger

BPC Fixings® SS_UWS Stainless Steel Wall Starter Kit

BPC Fixings® Horizontal (Heavy Duty) Restraint Strap

BPC Fixings® A270 Timber to Timber Joist Hanger

PowaPost® DPS Fence Post Spike

PowaPost® RS Repair Spike

PowaPost® PS1 Bolt Down Post Shoe

PowaPost® Decking Clip

PowaPost® Cube