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Beads and Mesh range.

PVC-u Beads

A PVC-u equivalent to a mini mesh or perforated thin coat bead for use with plasterboard where a skim coat is required. Fixed using drywall nails or jointing filler the profile allows for a 2mm to 3mm plaster coat to provide a neat corner edge. Internal use only.

A PVC-u equivalent to traditional plaster and render corner beads. The wing provides a good plaster or mortar key and the bead nose lengthens through the range to allow for increasing depths of plaster or mortar. Fixed with either plaster or mortar dabs or nails these beads can be used internally or externally.

For use with external render to provide a drip feature at the bottom of the render coat. Fixed using either mortar dabs or masonry nails the bead forms a straight edge to the bottom of the render.

Designed to form a movement joint where needed in a long run of plastered or rendered masonry where there is a movement joint or to allow for thermal or differential movement in a long run of plaster or render. The bead consists of two plaster stop beads joined with a white extrusion allowing for approximately 4mm of movement when installed vertically. Internal and external use.

Used in the same way as a steel plaster stop this bead comes in four flange widths for use with either plaster or external render. Fixing by nailing or plaster/mortar dabs the bead provides a straight edge to separate plaster or mortar from other materials. Internal and external use.

A flexible bead allowing the plasterer to form a dry wall corner arch to the radius of his choice. The nose allows for 3mm of plaster skim and forms a stop for the plaster. For use internally the bead can be fixed by nailing, jointing filler or adhesive to plasterboard.