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Builders Metalwork range.

Miscellaneous Products

Aluminium Roof Soakers, designed to protect against weather at the point where a roof meets a vertical face, such as a wall or chimney.

Standard pattern fishtailed frame cramps complete with 50mm upstand, three fixing holes and fishtailed end. Available in 2.0mm thick galvanised steel to BS EN 10346:2009 DX51D + G275.

Multi-purpose flat bar made from strong galvanised steel

A steel retaining bracket with decorative scroll design, used with traditional hipped roofs to prevent ridge tile movement. Screw or nail fix to rafter and embed in mortar.

A pre-galvanised bracket designed to attach window boards to masonry wall. Manufactured from 13 x 3mm galvanised steel to BS EN 10346 + G275.