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New Vista TIEPAC

Vista TiePac is a brand new way to package our best selling VE4 housing ties so they‘re easier to stock and sell and easier to work with on site. 

Each one holds 50 individual ties, putting convenience in the palm of your hand for less wasteful, more efficient brickwork and blocklaying of every kind.

Less Waste

With TiePac, wall ties are kept safely on the dispensing clip until they’re needed.

So more of them go into the wall joint instead of into the ground or down to the bottom of the cavity.

Plus, any ties that are left over can be packed away in the box for the next job.

Faster Blocklaying

TiePac keeps wall ties in a neat clip of 50, so they’re always on hand whenever they’re needed.

No need for brickies to waste time sorting them out from a loose pile – they just pluck and place them on as they go along.

Tidier Site

Housebuilders now have to clear up their site when they’ve finished construction by law.

By reducing the number of wall ties buried in the soil or scattered around, TiePac makes the task a whole lot easier.