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GPS Galvanised Plaster Stop Bead

Plaster and render bead.  Provides a straight and clean edge to wet plaster where it butts up to other materials such as door and window frames. Fixed with plaster or mortar dabs as above or can be nailed. Generally for internal use only. Stainless Steel or PVC-u. Recommended for external use.

Code Size Per Box
GPS1024 2.4m x 10mm 50 lengths
GPS1027 2.7m x 10mm 50 lengths
GPS1030 3.0m x 10mm 50 lengths
GPS1324 2.4m x 13mm 50 lengths
GPS1327 2.7m x 13mm 50 lengths
GPS1330 3.0m x 13mm 50 lengths
GPS1624 2.4m x 16mm 50 lengths
GPS1627 2.7m x 16mm 50 lengths
GPS1630 3.0m x 16mm 50 lengths
GPS1924 2.4m x 19mm 50 lengths
GPS1927 2.7m x 19mm 50 lengths
GPS1930 3.0m x 19mm 50 lengths