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Debonding Sleeves

Debonding sleeve to allow for movement of the ties listed above (a 25mm wide sleeve is required for channel ties). Debonding sleeves should have a 10mm gap left at end to allow for movement once installed.

Code Size Units
V36-100-PDBS 20mm x 100mm 250
V36-120-PDBS 20mm x 120mm 250
V36-150-PDBS 20mm x 150mm 250
V36-200-PDBS 20mm x 200mm 250
V31-100-PDBS 25mm x 100mm 250
V31-120-PDBS 25mm x 120mm 250
V31-150-PDBS 25mm x 150mm 250
V32-100-PDBS 30mm x 100mm 250
V33-100-PDBS 40mm x 100mm 250