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H Horizontal (Heavy Duty) Restraint Straps

Heavy duty restraint straps (galvanised edge coated) are suitable for horizontal restraint applications such as tying timber roofs and floors into masonry walls. These multi-holed straps are supplied in 100mm increments with 6mm holes at 25mm offset centres. Available straight, bent or twisted or in combinations as required in galvanised or stainless steel.

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Please specify the following when ordering:
Product code / Girth / Bend or Twist position
e.g. H / 1100 / T150 = Horizontal / 1100 Girth / Twist150
Product code H = Horizontal (heavy duty)
Product code SSH = Stainless Steel Horizontal (heavy duty)
Girth = Overall length of strap, available in 100mm increments from 100mm to 3000mm
B or T = Bend or Twist Position (twist is approx. 50mm long)

(NOTE: The following code structure replaces the previous HDMH and SHDMH codes)

  • Standard product includes one bend or twist. Additional bends/twists/fishtails charged extra. Increments of less than 100mm will be charged at the full rate e.g. 1050mm charged at 1100mm rate.
  • Designed in accordance with The Building Regulations and meets the requirements of BS EN 845-1​.
  • Fixing – Restraint straps should be fixed using either 50mm long no. 12 woodscrews (using wall plugs in masonry for vertical restraint) or 75mm x 4.0mm diameter galvanised nails into timber. Stainless steel screws or nails must be used when fixing stainless steel straps. Supplied in packs of 10.
  • Dimensions – Thickness 4mm, Width 28mm, Length 100mm increments from 100mm to 6000mm.
  • Characteristic Capacity – 8 kN.
Flat Variations​
Product Code​ Total Length (mm)​ Pack Size
H/1000/F 1000 10
H/1200/F​ 1200 10
H/1500/F 1500 10
Bent Variations​
Product Code​ Length (mm) X​ Bend (mm) Y​ Total Length (mm)​ Pack Size
H/600/B100​ 500 100​ 600 10
H/900/B100​ 800 100​ 900 10
H/1000/B100​ 900 100​ 1000​ 10
H/1200/B100​ 1100​ 100​ 1200​ 10
H/1200/B150 1050 150 1200​ 10
H/1500/B100 1400 100 1500 10
H/1600/B150​ 1450 150 1600 10
Twist Variations​
Product Code​ Length (mm) X​ Twist (mm) Y​ Total Length (mm)​ Pack Size
H/1000/T 900 100​ 1000 10
H/1200/T150 1050 150 1200 10